Probate Litigation

Litigation is the foundation of Cowles & Thompson, just as it has been for the past three decades since the Firm was founded in 1978. Cowles & Thompson has considerable litigation experience and expertise in probate, estate, and trust litigation.

The Firm’s probate litigators understand the unique challenges and issues facing those who are involved in disputes over a loved one’s estate.  The Firm approaches probate litigation matters from a business perspective, but while maintaining sensitivity and respect toward the feelings of family members who are working through often challenging disputes, many times involving disagreements with other family members.

The Firm has two Texas offices, Dallas and Plano, and is recognized as one of the premier litigation firms in the state. Cowles & Thompson has successfully litigated countless cases in North Texas, East Texas and other areas of the state.  

Key areas of experience

The Firm’s estate litigation expertise includes will contests, trust disputes, guardianship disputes, cases involving removal of executors and trustees, heirship determinations, and any other contested probate, estate, guardianship and trust matter.  The firm also advises its clients on ways in which senior citizens can minimize their chances of being victimized by those who might try to con them out of their finances during their retirement years.


Our probate litigation attorneys are trained to listen first, and litigate second.  We understand that different probate clients have different objectives and goals in resolving their disputes.  Some clients are interested in complete justice and fairness, others want to simply explore what their rights may be with regard to a probate issue, and others desire to forgo some of those legal rights in order to promote ongoing family harmony into the future.

Our attorneys work to provide creative and case specific solutions that are unique to the goals and desires of each individual client.