Oilfield Injury Litigation

Oilfield accidents resulting in serious injury or death are all too common in the industry. From flammable gases and liquids to heavy equipment and sophisticated operations, there are a multitude of risks that confront oil field operations. Because of the unique nature of the oilfield business, it takes attorneys with experience to provide the best defense to all companies and contractors involved in oilfield operations -- and Cowles and Thompson attorneys have that experience.

Cases Involving Serious Injury or Death

Unfortunately, the large majority of oilfield accidents that end up in litigation involve grave injuries and/or death. As a result, there is an extreme risk of high-dollar exposure to Defendants sued in those cases. Most cases involve multiple defendants with varying responsibilities alleged to have been responsible for the subject accident. As such, most lawsuits involve complex factual and legal scenarios requiring legal teams with knowledge of the industry, operations, experts, practices and procedures, indemnity, regulatory and contractual relationships which govern oilfield operations.

Scope of Industry Representation

Cowles and Thompson has represented entities and individuals at every level of the oilfield operation:

  • Oil and Gas Company
  • Well owner/operator
  • Workover Crews
  • Company man/Consultant
  • Driller
  • Tool Pusher
  • Torque and Test Crews

Types of Lawsuit

The firm has represented those in oilfield litigation that involved a multitude of factual and legal scenarios:

  • Blow outs
  • Flash fires
  • Master Service Agreement Dispute
  • OSHA Investigations
  • Equipment malfunction/tanker accidents
  • Indemnity/additional insured issues
  • Tanker accidents