Hospitality and Lodging

Cowles & Thompson provides litigation advice and legal counsel to owners of hotels, management companies, and franchisors and franchisees on a variety of operational and complex cutting-edge legal issues unique to the hospitality and lodging industry. Attorneys also represent clients in the acquisition and disposition of hotels located in major markets throughout the United States. The Firm is a proud member of the Texas Hotel & Lodging association.

Our attorneys regularly attend industry conferences to keep current on legal issues, including the Annual Hospitality Law Conference, ALIS Conference, NYU Conference and Lodging Conference.  Members of the Group routinely speak at hotel industry conferences and present seminars on legal issues impacting the hospitality industry.

The Hospitality and Lodging Practice Group provides legal counsel and advice in the following matters:

  • Acquisition and disposition of hotels
  • Alcoholic beverage issues
  • Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Condemnation proceedings
  • Construction
  • Encroachment, intra-brand competition and area of protection issues
  • Franchise and disclosure issues
  • Franchise litigation
  • Hotel condominium litigation
  • Hotel management agreements - operational and mismanagement issues
  • Loans, joint ventures and finance
  • Lender-borrower disputes
  • Premises liability and security issues
  • Price gouging litigation
  • Workout, bankruptcy and receivership disputes